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Voltage (V):                                        AC 100v
Frequency (Hz):                                50/60Hz
Power:                                                 28W
Product Size:                                      13.7 x 12.8 x 29.6 cm
Water Capacity:                                1.6 L
Accessory:                                          AC Cable 1.5M manual
Humidification method:                Ultrasonic
Power Supply:                                   AC
Material:                                              pp
Product Weight:                               750g
Mist:                                                      MAX 200ml/h


  • Make sure that the humidifier is disconnected from the mains and that the on/off knob is set to off.
    Remove the cover from the water tank.
  • Use only clean water. We advise you to use boiled or distilled water.

The water temperature should not exceed 40 degree Celsius.

  • Add 4 to 5 drops (more if desired) of humidifier solution into the water tank.
  • Put the tank cap bank onto the water tank (1) and turn the tank cap clockwise (2) until it is tightly closed.

Put the water tank back onto the base.

Water starts running into the water basin right away.

  • Put the mains plug in the wall socket.
  • Turn the on /off clockwise until you hear a click to switch on the humidifier.

The power-on light goes on.
When the power indicator light is red, it indicates that the machine is short of water.

  • Select the desired mist output by turning the on/off knob clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Let the humidifier operate until the room reaches the required humidity level (between 40% and 60%)

  •  To turn off the humidifier, turn the on/off knob anti clockwise until the click sound is heard.

The power-on lights goes off.

Remove the mains plug from the wall socket.

Empty the water tank if you are not using the humidifier for two days or more.

This help to prevent algae and bacteria growth.

                Please check below to avoid malfunction of the unit.

  • It’s not allow to change, dismantle, or repair the unit if you are not the technician.

Please contact the selling department or you may now direct to the store online and message u.

  • Do not switch on power when the tank is empty.
  • Do not touch the atomizing piece.
  • Clean regularly as per Maintenance instruction to avoid malfunction.
  • Always unplug before maintenance.
  • For hygiene reasons, after use, pour away the remaining water from “DRAINAGE SIDE” of tank, and wipe with a clean dry cloth.
  • Essential oil can corrode in the event of spillage of contact, please wipe away with a soft cloth.
  • Only use the measuring cup to add into a water tank, do not fill water directly from the water pipe.
  • Do not let mist directly to the furniture, clothing, walls etc.
  • Keep away from direct sunshine heat sources and air conditioner or fans.
  • Always keep on stable plat surface do not put on carpet, duvet or unstable area.
  • Keep away from electronic equipment, such as TV and Audio equipment.
  • Wait 60 minutes before restart to avoid damage atomization piece.
  • Don’t use sparkling water, tap water and mineral water are available.
  • Never move product when it is working.
  • Do not touch any part of the product with wet hands.
  • Keep away from the child and pet, child is not allow to play without supervisor. This product is not suitable for the child and people who don’t know the product and have no experience.

If the cable is smoking, burning, unplug immediately.

1.6L Guiding LED Humidifier with Essential oil Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

SKU: F01
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